Anbernic RG351MP – One Last Hurrah For The RK3326?

Anbernic have finally created a landscape RK3326 handheld with a 4:3 aspect ratio display. The Anbernic RG351MP has been rumoured since at least June and was considered to be cancelled, but is now confirmed and available to order.

It’s a bit frustrating that it took so long to do the blindingly obvious. The biggest complaint with the majority of RK3326 machines has been the weird aspect ratio and awkward screen resolutions. Most of the systems that this chip can emulate support a 4:3 aspect ratio, yet it’s taken almost 2 years to get a landscape machine with a matching screen.

However, Anbernic have finally stepped up and delivered the goods. In much the same way as the RG350M consolidated everything good about every JZ4770 machine into one handheld, it looks as though the RG351MP (Metal Pro, apparently) sets out to do the same.


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There’s nothing ground breaking about the RG351MP, rather it looks to be an iterative product that fixes one major gripe in the majority of previous landscape machines. The shell is very similar to the RG350M, which was my favourite of all the JZ4770 handhelds. Chunky and hefty but with a undeniable level of quality about it, this metal shell comes in three colours for the RG351MP. The standard matte black version as expected, alongside “Ocean Blue” and “Mint Green” versions will be available on release.

The internals remain almost the same as all our other RK3326 machines including the RG351P, GameForce and Odroid-Go Super. The real difference comes with the addition of a 640*480 display, providing a 4:3 aspect ratio panel for the first time in this form factor. OCA laminated, too.

Unfortunately as is often the way with these products, it’s one step forwards and one step back. The glaring omission from the RG351MP is that there’s no onboard WiFi. The cynic in me says that this is so they can release a plastic version later on with internal WiFi. Realistically though it’s probably more to do with the recent chip shortages than anything else.

Interestingly, Phawx’s teardown photo on Discord revealed a PCB date of March this year. It’s quite possible that chip shortages delayed the release of this handheld until this point.

Anbernic RG351MP


The RG351MP is available now at their website and on AliExpress. The high price tag makes this handheld quite an ask considering the ruck of way more powerful handhelds on the horizon.

However, the RG351MP could draw a nice line under the RK3326 machines and may well end up being the one to have in this category. I can see people selling their RG351M and RG351P for one of these, and to be honest I might join them. You can order the Anbernic RG351MP on their AliExpress store or website right now.


21 thoughts on “Anbernic RG351MP – One Last Hurrah For The RK3326?”

    • I did sell my RG350M, but bought a Gameforce Chi rather than a 351MP.

      Reason? Metal vs plastic. The cold metal just never felt right in the hand compared to every controller ever being “warm” plastic. And the 350M is unusable rotated 90 degrees for vertical games – it’s uncomfortable to hold and far too heavy. A Chi sits perfectly in the hand.

      There are 4 things I don’t like about the Chi – ABXY are too tall, and are tapered so they wobble a litle. But its supremely comfortable in horizontal or vertical.

  1. Looks nice, the blue color is cool, maybe missing the classic grey 🙁
    And this UGLY HUGE LOGO …..
    Thinking about getting the 350M (i already have the 351M) but i like more ES than Gmenu2X.
    Now i don’t know what to do XD

    Gonna Get the V and the MP and voila.

  2. Well one thing I really don’t like is the huge logo and “chin” bezel, that was gone for good in RG351P even if the overall screen/edges distance was worse than RGB10, but this having the same shell as the 350 is a step back 🙁

  3. Unfortunately no WiFi but still the potential for being the ultimate RK3326 device. The future lies with 16:9, bigger screens and trying to emulate Gamecube as well as improving N64 and PSP.

    But if future handhelds mostly abandon this aspect ratio and screen size, this could be the all time best handheld if you want a pocket friendly device for all the 2D consoles.

    • Availability of screens is an issue for these devices, but for all games in 4:3 it’s pretty ridiculous to see those 16:9 devices with bezels and the controls so far away from the screen 🙁 My perfect device for old style gaming is a 4:3 4″ vertical console 😀

  4. Nice device at last and nice article as usual. One thing: there’s no reason for this to be smaller than rg350m. Actually I think it’s exactly the same shell, and from the specs, its exactly the same size as 350m.
    Apart from that, I’ve always wanted this device, since 351m was first announced. Yes I agre this chip has been overused but this one could be the perfect rk3326 device. As you say on your article, I may end up selling one or two of my devices to get this one, which ticks almost all the boxes.

    • You’re right, I got confused when googling sizes and ended up looking at rg351m, and of course this shell is slightly smaller than that. It makes total sense that they would re-use the rg350m shell for this.

  5. Guess Anbernic bought a lot of RK3326 chips then?It’s like the JZ chips all over again, the never ending stream of devices that don’t really seem to offer much more than the initial devices that came out a while ago. Glad I’ve got an Odin on preorder.

    • Yes they do like to regurgitate the same handheld over and over with slight changes each time. I like the look of the Odin too but careful on your wording there. You haven’t pre-ordered one, you’ve helped fund the possibility of them making enough that you can have one for your pledge. They don’t actually owe you anything.

  6. > Unlike the RG351M and RG351V, the RG351MP will apparently not have an internal WiFi chip

    Bruh. OTA ArkOS, RetroAchievements, managing data via Ark file browser, modifying conf via SSH. Missed opportunity.

  7. Finally this form factor has the right specs! 🙂
    I guess we really have only 1 thing left: to wait for a better SoC.

    Unless they just keep using the RK3326 for all eternity!
    Wait, no WiFi???? What.

    • Hello Rex. I want to try a landscape Anbernic console, but i’m torn between several models and honestly it’s getting a little confusing between features and pricing.
      I ruled out the 351M, 351MP, 350M and the 500 models due to costs (150 eur for the 350M and upwards for the rest, at least on my local Amazon, and prices on Aliexpress aren’t that different, 10-15 eur less).
      This leaves me with several options:

      -RG351P, 130 eur, i reckon this is the most powerful model in the 35x family, but i don’t know how worth is the difference, especially considering that i’ll be using Dreamcast and N64 games very rarely.
      -RG350P, 100 eur, everything works great up to PS1 and it seems to be the most stable one when it comes to the OS, but correct me if i’m wrong.
      -RG280M, 80 eur, i really dig the purple/blue color scheme and it’s the only one available in metal without spending too much, but the screen is maybe too small?
      -RG350, 80 eur, cheapest 3.5″ model and it’s available in semiclear chassis, but the d-pad placement is not optimal and i don’t know if it’s worth to lose some features to save up just 20 eur.

      Considering those prices, which one would you get?


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