DDU’s Console Prototype Gets A CPU Upgrade.

In case you missed it, check here for a run down of what this machine is all about. The shorthand version is that DDU from the Dingoonity forums stumbled accross a Chinese firm working on their own Ingenic handheld, and now they are working together, with input from the Dingoonity community to create a machine running Dingux out of the box. Well, the machine was originally due to pack an Ingenic JZ4755, but now that the Dingoo A380 has come along and already been the first to use this CPU, DDU and his Chinese manufacturers have decided to stick a JZ4760 inside it instead. Whilst this is good news, I have to admit that it sounds worryingly like feature creep may be setting in.

But it is exciting none the less. Check out the SoC out for yourselves.

JZ4760 is a high performance, high integration and ultra low power application processor with powerful video engine and 2D graphic engine targeting for mobile devices like smart-phone, tablet, eBook and GPS navigator. JZ4760 is powered by Ingenic innovative 600MHz XBurst CPU core and equipped with a rich set of peripherals. With Android, Linux, WinCE, RTOS OS supporting and WiFi/3G/Bluetooth/TV module connecting, this SOC can provide excellent mobile internet experience.

Click here for the datasheet and more technical specs.

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