Dingoo A380 On Sale Already?

The new Dingoo Technology handheld, the A380 appears to have shown up at the Chinese webshop www.etronixmart.com for the price of $109.99. The machine is said to run the dual core Ingenic JZ4755 CPU running at 500MHz. This should mean that we have some level of compatibility with the A320 including the use of Dingux, after some tweaking.

Unfortunately it looks like user ‘dingootech’ of the Dingoonity forums was indeed talking rubbish when he said it would run Dingux out of the box. Have a look at these rather messed up vids for some evidence of it running a proprietary OS, and not Dingux. They still don’t get it, do they.

1 thought on “Dingoo A380 On Sale Already?”

  1. No… Not on sale yet… thats just a prototype.. its got programing bugs that still needs ironing out before the major official release date.


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