Letcool N350JP Gets a Firmware Hack

Russian coder lsd_blottr has made a couple of alterations to the stock firmware of the Letcool N350JP and consequently the device now has correct button mappings in the GBA and SNES emulators. Previously the shoulder buttons were mapped to volume control and to use shoulders in game you had to use face buttons instead. Also in the changelog is that the device now automatically returns to LCD mode once the TV cable is unplugged.

The frontend has also been skinned with new artwork, which personally I think looks rather nice. Here’s the boot screen and the main menu:

As long as you’re using a memory card, the instructions for flashing the new firmware are pretty straight forward, even if they are a rough translation from Russian.,

1.Copy the files from the “Firmware” folder in the root of the card.
2.Don’t need  to remove anything in the card, it does not bother me.
2a).But if you want, you can format it.
3.The battery should be charged at least 50% (although I flashed it at 10%)
4.Insert the memory card into the device and performs the following. steps:
-Go to “Options”
-In the setting switch to the lowest point (System info)
-Press “A” four times, thereby agreeing to the firmware
-The tray will freeze (hang) for two minutes (150 seconds approximately)
-After update-press any button
-That ‘s all, the device restarts, you have a new firmware

It is said that lsd_blottr will continue to make improvements when he has the time. You can grab the firmware from here. I think the Letcool is back on my list of things to buy đŸ™‚

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