Is DDU’s New Handheld Called The MU?

Over on the Dingoonity forums, 1wiierdguy posted a 1 month old video from youtube that until now seems to have been overlooked. It shows off a prototype handheld called the MU due to be released in the near future. The technical specs are, as usual, not mentioned but people are speculating that this could be the machine that DDU has been working on with a Chinese firm over the past couple of months (which is rumoured to use the new JZ4760 and be capable of PS1 emulation).

On the surface, it doesn’t look like much of an advancement over the plethora of Dingoos, Letcools and Gemeis already available, with the possible excpetion of a much bigger screen (though the resolution wasn’t mentioned either) and 720p video output. It comes preloaded with all the usual emulators including the addition of MAME and some others probably sourced from the library of open source stuff already coded for the Dingoo.

We probably shouldn’t read too much into it, but at the end of the video he comments “It’s gona be a killer handheld guys, because Open Source is your source”. DDU mentioned that his machine would be running Dingux out of the box so I wonder if this is what the guy was hinting at… Who knows right?

Check the video.

6 thoughts on “Is DDU’s New Handheld Called The MU?”

  1. well if it is DDUs new machine, I think he said around the $120 mark. i’ll probably grab one on the condition that it really does ship with the jz4760 and dingux pre-installed because then we’ll likely have decent ps1 emulation. i think it’s almost the end of the road for those gba/snes/megadrive emulators, they’ve can’t keep churning out the same machine over and over again… the next level is decent ps1 and n64 emulation in a handheld. bring it on!


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