K101 Demonstration Courtesy Of The Staff At www.k1gbasp.com

I don’t know about you, but I’d say they’ve nailed the button responsiveness issue. Looking good!

The winner of the 2nd part of the competition should be announced here tomorrow. Currently the staff at k1gbasp are mulling over the entries with the manufacturer to see which design will be most suitable. I’ll let you all know as soon as I know!


I might as well crow bar this into the same post. For anyone interested enough, MaxZhou88 has detailed many of the obstacles he’s had to overcome whilst designing the board for the K101. Although it’s translated from Chinese, you can get the general gist of most of the stuff he talks about. He takes us from unpopulated circuit boards cut with the sole purpose of fitting them inside a case, right through to fully working prototype boards and talks about many of the decisions he has made and why he made them. Very interesting… but man I wish I could read Chinese – I’m sure there’s loads that I’m missing due to bad translation. Anyway, check it out.

9 thoughts on “K101 Demonstration Courtesy Of The Staff At www.k1gbasp.com”

  1. Will this version support gb and gbc carts? Not that interested if not, I know in an old post they mentioned their future model might do so but I was curious as to if they followed through.

  2. That “cross” movement pad config is awful for diagonals.. they should had left it out of the design and go for something like the Sega Genesis had. I have a DS and it’s terrible doing what I mention. Aside that, the device seems nice ^^ although I find the other smaller square design more portable 🙂 Cheers

  3. Makes me want to know what “Week brother” means. And “Front Row” and why “oh!” was used to end so many sentences.

    That said – it is cool to read the behind the scenes stuff – even if it is in robo-translate speak.


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