Some Videos of the GPD XD in Action, Courtesy of Willgoo

Not a particularly informative video unfortunately, but there are a couple of things to take from this. Most notably, it looks like GPD have implemented their own custom Android skin here. It looks very similar to the UI used on their Mars Gamebox. Also, this thing looks beautiful in blue! We already know that the hinge locks at 70 and 140 degrees which is a good move from GPD. 70 degrees will work well for sitting this thing on a table to watch videos, whereas 140 is the perfect angle for gaming. Update: The video review from Nielo360 does not have a locking hinge.



Initial impressions are that it looks like GPD might have done a decent job. The unit seems solid enough, and it wakes up quickly after the lid has been opened. The UI seems responsive and load times look reasonable, which is to be expected with RockChip’s RK3288 powering it. Perhaps I will get my hands on one of these and test it for myself, but it won’t be for a little while yet. The release date seems to have slipped from the 19th, and will now either be the 31st of July or beginning of August. Delays are always irritating, but at least they’re taking their time to get it right I suppose.


UPDATE! Here’s a video of Naruto in action, emulated via PPSSPP.

Need for Speed, via PPSSPP

Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart for NDS.

Street Fighter, via Happy Chick.

D-Pad test. It looks pretty responsive to me, no issues with diagonals either.

Banggood have joined the list of retailers offering up this thing for pre-order, and they currently have the cheapest pre-coupon price for the 16GB model.

It’s also worth noting that according to Willgoo, the 32GB black model and the 16GB blue model advertised at Geekbuying will not be made available… so choose either of these options with that in mind.

In ascending price order:

Geekbuying 16GB Black – $139.99 with coupon code GPDXD10USD
Banggood 16GB Black – $145.99
Willgoo 16GB Black – $159.99
Geekbuying 32GB Blue – $159.99 with coupon code FLMMFYRX
Banggood 32GB Blue – $167.99
Willgoo 32GB Blue – $169.99

And if you want to try your luck with the supposed unavailable models, try these:

Geekbuying 32GB Black – $159.99 with coupon code FLMMFYRX
Geekbuying 16GB Blue – $139.99 with coupon code GPDXD10USD

You have to create an account and login to use the coupon codes at Geekbuying, I’ve tried it and they still work.

As usual, my affiliate links are included. Although this site doesn’t cost the earth to maintain, it does cost good money, and I’m by no means a wealthy man. If you checkout using the links I provided, I get a dollar or two to put towards the annual renewal. It doesn’t cost you anything 🙂


12 thoughts on “Some Videos of the GPD XD in Action, Courtesy of Willgoo”

  1. This does look good, but I need more power! come on, it is 2015. Let’s get going! (but I’m still gonna get it)

    I would like a Side by Side with the GPD g5/g7 and This…

  2. I’d pick up one of these because of the portability (can’t fit my shield in my front pocket) but the hardware seems like a rehash of everything else we’ve seen for the past two years. I’m ready for a handheld that can run dolphin. The X1 can play wii/camecube games so the hardware exists. The first company to realize this will reap the rewards.

    • Yep I agree. Most small Chinese manufacturers don’t have access to or cannot afford those bleeding edge SoCs like the Tegra X1 though unfortunately. Even if some team managed it, It would probably push the price way into the $200/$300 range.

      • But if it did have an X1, 16gb or 32gb nand and a nice set of camera’s with led flash for $275, I’d buy one.

      • if it had a x1, it would literally melt trough the bottom from the heat.

        –TLDR version: if my rant is too long, please watch this video, from 1:57 is on a rk3288 device, and relealize that that’s 1080p and this thing will be 720p so it will have even stronger (significantly) graphics/game performance. Then try complaining it ‘does not have enough game performance’. It easily runs 3d scenes with graphical richness of a freaking xbox360/ps3 game, if not a bit better! —

        The rk3288 is not exactly a slouch. 4 cortex a-17 cores at 1.6 ghz are a monster (it runs desktop ubuntu with ease), it has 2 GB DDR 3 RAM and the GPU is a mali-t760. This is the fastest ARM GPU currently integrated in SOCS on the market and will remain so for at least months to come. It´s not exactly feature-poor. .

        It´s the same GPU as in the galaxy s6, you know, the 700 euro samsung phone with it´s great gaming performance on a 1440p screen. .

        It staggers me that people complain that a 127 euro gaming handheld with that GPU would ´not have enough power´. It literally stampedes over a 3ds so harshly that it will probably go trough the Earth´s crust and come up Down Under in Australia. It´s multiple times faster then a vita and 4 years more modern. IT runs every, and I mean every, game on the play store, from san andreas to oddworld to asphalt 8, with ease at high settings. (I know this from Q9).

        Hell, I benched the intensive T-rex opengl es benchmark on my Q9 and got 30 fps. On the old rk3188 device I had before I got 5.8! That´s more then *7* times faster! How do you mean ´recycled hardware with no improvement´ ??

        Also interesting: in gfxbench, I then compared my Q9 to the 1000 euro galaxy s6 edge. You know what? The 3d benchmark/game performance of the Q9 was 66% *F-A-S-T-E-R* then the s6! and it costs 9 times less! this is because it´s the same GPU with 4 instead of 8 cores, but the lower screen resolution more then made up for the fewer cores.

        So yeah, it beats, with probablt 50% margin this time around, the newest 1000 euro samsung phone in reputable 3d benchmarks. Slow? Come again? how fast do you people want it??

        • Quote; “The rk3288 is not exactly a slouch. 4 cortex a-17 cores at 1.6 ghz are a monster (it runs desktop ubuntu with ease), it has 2 GB DDR 3 RAM and the GPU is a mali-t760. This is the fastest ARM GPU currently integrated in SOCS on the market and will remain so for at least months to come.”

          This is not correct. The Mali T880 is currently the fastest ARM GPU for SOC’s. But you’re right, the T764 is no slouch…

        • People want nvidia fast. Aka, almost-desktop gaming, delivered by the likes of nvidia k1 (Denver) or x1.
          It performs fine for most phone games and emulation of older consoles….. But not so well at PS2 or Wii games. (Dolphin for android, Play! for android)

  3. Very cool! I’m sure that we can install a different launcher if the factory version is not well liked.

    • In fact, on Q9, the default android launcher was already included, change an option in the menu and you are done. Will almost surely be same here. It´s also prerooted anyway if you want to change things XD

      • Ah, but is it a proper root or the half-baked method that is common with these types of devices? Video’s don’t show…


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