Steward Releases CFW v1.2 for the Retrogame RS97

It’s been out a few days now, and the v1.2 update brings with it a slew of fixes and additions. For a full list of all changes, see this post by Steward on the Dingoonity boards. A couple of things to bear in mind when doing to upgrade:

  • Use the cfw_1.2_fix file to perform the upgrade, rather than the cfw_1.2 file.
  • Some people require the gmenu2x fix as well. If your device can’t be woken up from hibernate then you’ll need this fix.

Essentially the 3 files you need are:

  1. cfw_1.2_fix
  2. cfw_1.2_package.ext3
  3. gmenu2x

These can all be found in the repository here.

If you want to see the upgrade being done, there’s a video here:

Once completed, you may want to download the skins pack by m1024 as well. His skins, particularly the OldBoy one, are gorgeous.

If you’re looking to pick one of these up, the cheapest places are Fasttech (discount code LIVIN5 for 5% off) or FunnyPlaying (discount code JUTLEYS for $5 off). Both ship worldwide for free.

13/6/18 Update // CFW v1.2 is now massively out of date, so don’t use this video to flash your device. Instead, use Jutley’s site to identify which version of the device you have and flash the latest firmware using his instructions. You can now dual boot most systems, and in doing so there’s no requirement to disassemble the device either.

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