RetroGame RS-97 2019 Edition

The hugely popular RetroGame RS-97 from December 2017 has already seen one update in the form of the RS-97 Plus, which features an “analog” nub tacked on to the lower left corner. Unfortunately for the early adopters this first version of the Plus model also swapped out the LCD for one locked at 30hz. This meant that many games suffered from screen tearing and the community developers refused to support the hardware due to this.

Newer versions of the Plus variant now have the 60hz LCDs in them and aren’t a bad choice if you really want that analog nub.

But this week has seen yet another new variant of the device hit the shelves, the RS-97 Plus V3.

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A Wild RS97 2.1 Appeared

As rumoured on the baidu forums a couple of weeks ago, the V2.1 variant of the Retrogame RS97 has now made its way out to at least one customer. Discord user dribbletaint noticed there was a problem with his new unit when he tried to load OpenDingux on it and booted up to a white …

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