MaxZhou88’s Digi RetroBoy Prototype

In a previous post I mentioned that the Digi RetroBoy could be a Revo K101 equivalent if it was ever released. Instead of relying on emulation it utilises a hardware solution to play GBA games from a customised GBA cartridge with a MicroSD card inside it. It looks as though the unit is released now, although getting hold of one for a reasonable price is not possible yet.

MaxZhou88 got his hands on what I think is a prototype and has posted some photos of it over on Baidu. I thought the previous renders of this thing looked really stylish, but in the flesh it looks a bit cheap. It could be that these are prototype cases and the final product will look better, however they are already for sale at for a hefty $121. They’re also up on Amazon but are showing as currently out of stock.

It’s not known if this houses the exact K1 hardware present in the Revo or not, the OS looks pretty much identical which indicates that it might. It could also be a clone of the clone, in which case it’ll be interesting to see how well it performs in comparison.

He also took the device apart to show us the board and LCD.

I’ve seen this go by a few names including the Digi Retroboy, GBA Hero and GameHero. It looks like gopro-in is either the manufacturer or main distributor. There’s also this site which contains promo material for it. I would expect it to show up on somewhere like Aliexpress in the near future, hopefully at a more reasonable price and with better looking plastic moulding.

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    • It’s released but only on Amazon and a handful of Japanese retailers. I can’t find it on any of the usual China shops, including Gearbest, Fasttech, Banggood or even Aliexpress. The units on Amazon are too expensive, nearly £100. It’s not worth that. I’d pay £40 or at a push £50.


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