New BittBoy With Shoulder Buttons – PocketGo Available Soon!

One of the problems with last year’s BittBoy is that many of the systems it can emulate require use of shoulder buttons, which weren’t implemented on the portrait oriented version from last year.

The PocketGo looks to be the same hardware as the BittBoy (AllWinner F1C100S) but re-jigged in to landscape mode to allow for a more versatile layout.

The PocketGo has a tempered glass screen lens covering its 320×240 LCD and runs the same custom firmware as the BittBoy V3. Although not as powerful as its Ingenic JZ4760B cousins (the LDK and Retrogame RS-97) the AllWinner F1C100S is a fairly capable CPU and there is a decent level of community support for it in terms of emulators and ports.

The biggest advantage that this thing has over the the LDK and RS-97 is the price, you can pre-order the BittBoy PocketGo for just $36 over at, which is an incredible price for such a versatile little machine.

There’s a short video of the PocketGo in action on Youtube, which demonstrates Mario Kart running fairly smoothly with the ReGBA emulator.

The PocketGo is due to ship out in mid June, so get your order in quick if you want to be at the top of the list when these things start shipping out. Mine’s already in the bag!

6 thoughts on “New BittBoy With Shoulder Buttons – PocketGo Available Soon!”

  1. What’s your affiliate discount code to get the bittboy pocket for $36? When I click the link it shows for $39.99.

    • they upped the price from $35.99 to $39.99 a week or so ago. there’s no discount code for this model (yet).

  2. This is the perfect form factor but disappointed that it’s the same hardware as the V3 bittboy, wish it was powerful enough to run any SNES game smoothly.


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