Here, Have Another One – The PowKiddy Q20 Mini

How intriguing that both PowKiddy and Anbernic have decided to release new, low power handhelds whilst simultaneously teasing us with way more powerful devices. And how coincidental that they’ve both opted for the nostalgia aesthetic, sporting the Maroon and Gold of the Famicom controller. Behold, the PowKiddy Q20 Mini.

The cynic in me would say that both companies are scrambling to bring in some income whilst they work out the kinks with their upcoming flagships. But whatever’s going on, here we have yet another cheap, low power handheld to tide us over while we wait.

The PowKiddy Q20 Mini was rather abruptly brought on to the market a couple of days ago. It seems to be another AllWinner F1C100S based device which would put it in the same category as the Q90, V90, TrimUI and PocketGo.


Its tiny 2.4″ LCD sits inside a shell just 11.8cm wide. At 320×240, it’s not as high res as the panel Anbernic chose for their similar device. It’s also possible that the device will ship with the same screen tearing issues that other F1C100S devices have. Thankfully, there are community fixes for those other devices which minimise the effect, and I’m sure the same fix will be made available for the Q20 Mini too if needed.

PowKiddy Q20 Mini

The 1200mah battery claims up to 4 hours battery life, and you can charge it via a USB-C port on the top. All software and ROMs can be loaded via a microSD card slot on the top of the device, and a single set of shoulder buttons adorns the top corners. Strangely, all the buttons are labelled on the promo material except for the two buttons either side of the screen. Any guesses?


The Q20 Mini comes in at a reasonable $40. If you’re in love with the aesthetic, or on the lookout for a cheap low power device this might be interesting to you. Personally I like the TrimUI or PocketGo the most from this class of handhelds, but if the build quality is good enough this one might be a good choice too.

The PowKiddy Q20 Mini comes in two colour schemes and is available on the official PowKiddy store at AliExpress now.


9 thoughts on “Here, Have Another One – The PowKiddy Q20 Mini”

  1. My question is, how do these companies go about choosing how to make these? Considering the community around these types of devices, one would think they’d listen to the most common suggestions. From what I gather, some of those are form factor options (bigger/smaller), stronger chip, good screen, ease of use.

    Yet, here we are again with another f1c100s cpu. Am I the only one that thinks a little attention to forums like these would allow powkiddy or anbernic to make that “homerun” device? How hard is it to spend a little more money for a better chip?

  2. Why they keep making handheld with smaller and even smaller screen. I know the gameboy micro is a classic but, My eyes is not as good as when I’m younger

  3. And here we go, another appointment with disappointment!

    At first I was really hyped and sure it could’ve been some alternative form factor of RGB20 (the aesthetics are pretty much the same) and then what?

    Another low-tier device, similar to any GamePi20, TrimUI, Pocket Go or RG300 that already existed for years already! Very, very disappointing, PowKiddy!

    (and yes, Chinese must have something against cool names for their manufacturers 😛 )

  4. What is with all of these tiny emulation devices? They’re rubbish. IMHO, if the screen is not at least 4″ it’s not worth the effort.


    First, change your bloody company name! It currently sounds like a pretense for child-abuse.

    Second, make a device that has a standard AOSP with root capability, quality 7″ or 8″ 16:9 ips screen, decently performing SOC.

    Third, make the battery user replaceable so that when they die, and they always die, we can easily replace them.

    • 1. Agreed
      2. Smaller screen, if designed right, means more pocketable. This size really can be nice depending on your eyes and what you are playing. Hey good news though, you have a ton of options!
      3. If it has screws and no glue, it is user replaceable.

    • ‘if the screen is not at least 4″ it’s not worth the effort’

      That’s a ridiculous statement. Your only considering your own tastes, many others want super pocketable handhelds, and with so many making handhelds whats the problem with some going to market that don’t suit you?

      • You’re right, some people might enjoy a tiny screen, just look at how popular the original GameBoy was. However, we have advanced by leaps and bounds beyond the technology of that time. While some people might enjoy something like this, most will not. If “Powkiddy” wants to make a system that will sell well, this is an example of how NOT to do it.

        • There are companies offering larger screens with more power. Look at the AYA or even the upcoming Steam device. Or why not just use a small laptop or tablet paired with a Xbox controller if you need a big screen?
          I think most people like these smaller devices because they offer what more powerful ones don’t – the ability to play thousands of retro games with built in controls that fit in your pocket. This device, while not innovative or offering anything new – still allows you to play almost all 8bit and 16bit games in a tiny form factor for like $40.

          Neither you or me will buy this (I personally think this should have been half as thick and remove the bezels completely) but some people will like what it offers.
          For me, I prefer small devices. If they make an updated V90 or A66 with the same form factor but which maximizes the screen space (and reducing the bezels) and offers a slightly better build quality, it would be ideal.

    • >It currently sounds like a pretense for child-abuse.
      I mean, isn’t that based and redpilled?
      It only makes me want to purchase their products even more.
      Now if only there was a company with a pretense name for beating your wife….


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