OpenDingux and Gmenu2X For The RetroGame RS-97

A minor miracle has occurred over the past few weeks, the “bastardised k101” from my previous post has been given the OpenDingux treatment thanks to a talented fellow on the Dingoonity boards named Steward. The Chinese developer has just released version 1 of the OpenDingux image, which you can now download and flash directly on to the microSD card inside your RS-97.

Whilst it’s fair to say a lot of the emulators are currently quite buggy and/or slow, some more so than the stock ones, progress is being made at an alarming rate. What we will eventually end up with is hopefully an alternative to the GCW Zero, at almost a third of the cost.

For anyone intending to flash their console, there is a video here with links to everything you’ll need in the description. It’s a very easy job, the hardest bit being getting the case apart. Note: CFW v1.2 is now massively out of date, so don’t use this video to flash your device. Instead, use Jutley’s site to identify which version of the device you have and flash the latest firmware using his instructions. You can now dual boot most systems, and in doing so there’s no requirement to disassemble the device either.

If you think you can keep up, the thread at dingoonity is currently at 56 pages and going strong.

You can find Steward’s github here –>
and his website is here –>

If you’ve been waiting to grab one of these, now is the time. Although China is on holiday for a few days yet, you can snag a 5% discount on this over at Fasttech by using the code LIVIN5. That brings it down to ~$48 with free shipping – do expect to wait a while for it though. It takes a little while for the juggernaut that is Chinese manufacture and distribution to pick up pace after the CNY holidays are over. (Normal shipping is resumed).

Update// The discount has been extended until the 24th. (Ended)

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  1. Hi yes i changed the url to add support for the rs-90 device hence the new name 97-90 thanks i have released v1.3 firmware which is basically v1.2 but all the latest emulators and patched and fixed all applied into the firmware.

  2. It a great little device and growing rapidly i have made a website dedicated to it which you can find here.

    1. Is the website still up?

      1. obscurehandhelds says: Reply

        He changed the URL for some reason.

  3. i always wanted a dingoo handheld going to get one of these so excited

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